When it comes to purchasing and deploying software, we offer several options. These include on-premise or hosted private cloud (under a perpetual licence and support agreement) or SaaS based on a monthly subscription.


The on-premise model facilitates the hosting and management of the system by you, employing your own IT infrastructure and internal resources. The benefit of this is complete ownership and management of your data and its security under your direct control.



The hosted model offers significant financial and operational benefits delivered through the employment of a dedicated and secure Australian data centre, including disaster recovery. This solution is configured to requirement and offers the flexibility of scaling to meet future needs.



Software as a Service (SaaS) is a web based system that provides secure and immediate access to the remote software. Based on a monthly subscription, SaaS removes the need for installing and maintaining the software on the local infrastructure. All data back-up and general maintenance, (including software upgrades) is performed by the ClockOn IT team.