Videos to help you get started with ClockOn's Free Payroll and STP Software

Simple STP using Manual Entry (Web-based software)

Gross for web
Manually enter employee gross wages

Simple STP using Timesheets (Web-based software)

Timesheet entry
Enter timesheets to generate gross wages

Simple STP Setup
(Windows software)

payroll stp overview
Manually enter employee pay, tax and super

Login and passwords
(Windows software)

Login for the first time and password change instructions

Setting pay period

pay period
Preparing your first pay period in ClockOn

ABA/EFT file

aba eft file
Setting up an ABA/EFT file (wages banking file)

Adding and editing employees

add edit employees
Setting up your employees – adding and editing.

Salaried and fixed hours

salaried fixed hours
Setting up your salaried and fixed hour employees

Hourly employees

hourly employees
Setting up your employees on an hourly rate

Overtime and penalties

overtime penalties
Setting up an employee with OT or penalties

Adding additional super

additional super
Setting up an employee who pays additional super

Wages without time sheets

wages without timesheets
Setting up an employee with gross earnings and no time sheets

Submitting STP

STP (1)
Submitting STP after completing your payroll

STP Webinar

ClockOn Webinar
A 30 minute session covering the complete Payroll and STP process

Payroll and STP overview

payroll stp overview
ClockOn Payroll and Single Touch Payroll submissions in a nutshell

Simple Setup (Web-Based)

Simple Setup for Web
Simple Setup Process for Web-based System

Free STP Help Session

Book a 10-minute help session with an STP expert