Record Employee Work Times During Uncertain Times

Technology has developed in leaps and bounds in recent times, and several attendance apps have emerged. But is an attendance app all you need?

New legislation introduced in Australia has brought into sharp focus the need for accurate and reliable time and attendance measures to be taken for employees.

Numerous scandals, some involving top companies, have come to the fore in recent years, exposing timekeeping deficiencies and leading to losses of millions of dollars in restoration and penalties for companies.

ClockOn has utilised our 20 years of experience and industry know-how to create what could likely the most powerful and comprehensive time and attendance software in Australia today.


The Importance of Using Comprehensive Time and Attendance Software

Many new employment and remuneration rules have emerged in recent years and keeping track of these developments without the use of attendance software has become near impossible.

  • ClockOn has combined all the functions of the payroll department into one comprehensive and easy to use time recording package that complies with all Australian employment and remuneration regulations.
  • The use of biometrics allows us to accurately account for every hour that your employees spend at work, even capturing shift and break times.
  • A fully configurable rule engine allows you to customise your payroll to individual employees and their unique agreements.


The Benefits of Using ClockOn Attendance Software

Our product places you in the driver’s seat, in control of all timekeeping that must occur at your company and within the payroll department, saving you time and money, while ensuring that you comply with all relevant regulations.

  • Our Payroll and Single Touch Payroll (STP) products will ensure that your business is fully ATO compliant and will substantially simplify your STP and superannuation reporting.
  • Our mobile App, ClockOn GO, makes all the features of the ClockOn attendance application instantly available to you, no matter where you are. You will be able to track employees’ clocking on and off in real-time remotely, which is particularly popular due to the COVID-19 outbreak as employers seek to record work times for their work-from-home workforce.
  • ClockOn Go also enables you to make roster and employee shift changes instantly and remotely.
  • Employee times captured remotely are GPS located. The location is displayed on a map linked to the time sheet. GO operates seamlessly both online and offline, continuing to record employee times and map locations when an internet or mobile connection is temporarily unavailable.


How Our Attendance Software Will Save You Money?

The timekeeping and payroll function has become more complicated in recent years. Increasingly intricate superannuation calculations, new labour legislation, and time and identity theft all contribute to the ease with which mistakes slip into the system, and ultimately result in massive losses for companies just like yours.

  • Powerful biometrics readers eliminate time and identity theft, record shift and break times, and instantly uploads it to the system.
  • Our free trial period allows you to make sure that the ClockOn attendance app is the right tool for your business.
  • Easily manage your payroll and STP reporting for up to five employees, free of charge, on our ClockOn micro package.

ClockOn has, in the 20 years since our formation, become one of the most popular rostering, payroll and attendance software systems in Australia, and with good reason. It works.

Start your free trial right now or book a demonstration to see if it's right for your business.





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