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Outsourced Payroll FAQs

bullet-check We provide a quality service at very competitive prices.

bullet-check We provide a quality service at very competitive prices.

bullet-check We give you access to our in-house produced software that allows you to easily create and approve timesheets, review and approve leave requests, a powerful roster, and extensive access to reports. As an Outsourced Payroll customer, you will also have complimentary access to a mobile app that allows employees to capture their shift and break times, apply for leave, view their roster, review their timesheets and payslips and advise of unavailability. 

bullet-check A flexible approach to processing your payroll. If you are a small business and don't want to use any new software and instead would like just to send us timesheets, we can still help you.

bullet-check You will have a phone and email support available to highly skilled payroll experts who can help you with any payroll questions you might have.

bullet-check Our system allows us to process complex awards and negotiated agreements that other systems cannot accommodate.

bullet-check Our team is Australian based - our office is located on the NSW Central Coast - and response times to enquires are fast. We service customers across all states and territories.

bullet-check Support and training needed to become familiar with our software are included.

bullet-check Our monthly service fees are extremely competitive, and start-up costs are low.

bullet-check No contract lock-in. You can finalise your account with just 30 days' notice, and we can provide ongoing access to your data if you need it for reporting purposes.

Yes we can process your super for you through our clearing house. This takes place once a month.

Our team will provide you with a banking file (.ABA file) that will be accepted by your bank that will distribute funds to your staff.

Yes, our team routinely performs a review of your awards configuration to ensure you are paying the correct amount.

Yes, you can do this. There are advantages to making use of the complimentary attendance software included in your subscription, but we can also work with you if you have another system you would like to use.

Yes, after your payroll is completed, our team can upload account information into your MYOB / Xero accounting software.

Our price is extremely competitive and represents outstanding value for money when you consider the inclusions. If checking comparable services, you may want to use the pricing calculator above as a benchmark. This helpful tool allows you to input your business information, including the number of employees and pay frequency, and will accurately provide you with the ongoing monthly cost of our outsourced payroll service. If you would prefer a formal quote for our service, you can request one here.

It typically takes between 4-6 weeks to have your system ready to go live. A summary of this process is outlined below.

1. After signing up we will request some information from you about your employees for the purpose of setting up our system to pay them correctly. For example which awards they are to be paid under and any alterations to the award that you might have.

2. We will then enter all this information into our system and perform a review to ensure that your current payroll conforms to fair work requirements.

3. We will conduct a parallel pay run alongside your existing payroll to ensure that all the numbers match so that you can be confident everything has been configured to your requirements

4. If software training is required, our training staff will reach out to you to schedule online training at a time that is convenient for you.

5. We will then agree on your go-live date.

This process normally takes between 4-6 weeks, depending upon how quickly you are able to provide the requested information.

Timesheet Approval
Prior to your payroll day you will review your timesheets to ensure all the required timesheets have been entered correctly. This process is made easier by our software which will advise you if there are any potential issues with a timesheet. Once this is completed you can mark all your timesheet as approved and let our staff know your payroll is ready to be processed.

Pay Day
On your scheduled pay day our team will process your payroll for you. Timesheets will be processed along with any requested payments, deductions and disbursements. After processing we will distribute payslips to your staff (emailed and also available in their mobile app). We will send you reports which include the Payroll Summary report for your records. Accounting journal information will be processed to your accounting software (e.g. MYOB / Xero). Single Touch Payroll will also be processed and submitted to the ATO.

In some cases, we can help you solve more than just your Payroll, STP and Super requirements. Please contact us to explain exactly what you need, and we will do our best to tailor a package for your needs.

Yes our mobile app (ClockOn GO) supports the recording of geographic location points that can be reviewed as well as the geofencing of business locations which prevents Clock on / off from outside that location.

Yes, we have a customisable data export that can create a custom file export that ERP systems can import.