6 Features your Payroll Software Should Have

Payroll is one of the essential parts of any organisation. Businesses must keep the payroll system updated to ensure wages are processed accurately and on time. An employees' remuneration is calculated and generated by the payroll software used by the company.

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Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll

An outsourced payroll may sound like a strange idea at the outset – why entrust your company’s finances to people outside the company? – but the data shows that more businesses are switching to it. Statista shows that payroll outsourcing statistics have been on the rise for the past few years, with many businesses considering payroll outsourcing as an essential part of their operations.

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In-House Payroll vs Outsourced Payroll: Which Is Best for Your Business?


Payroll management isn’t always the easiest thing to do by yourself, especially if you’re running a sizable business. There are two ways you can resolve this difficulty: either by training your own in-house payroll team to take care of your payroll, or outsource them to a payroll outsourcing company. But which one should you pick for your business? If you’re looking for a breakdown on in-house vs. outsourcing pros and cons with your payroll, this article is for you.

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Is Annual Leave Loading Payable on Termination?

When deciding on the termination of an employee, you need to apply procedural fairness and maintain their necessary track records to streamline the decision-making process. Once you have reached a fair decision, it's time to work on your employee's final pay. Now, most employers will get confused and often wonder - do I need to pay the terminating employee annual leave loading? 

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How To Write a Job Description That Can Attract The Right Candidate

Hiring the right candidate plays an essential role in the growth of the company. A candidate with the right talent, skills, and knowledge will help your business thrive in this ever-growing competitive world.

One of the best ways to hire a talented candidate is by focusing on an effective and engaging job description. Putting your efforts into crafting a detailed job position description can bring in a wide range of highly talented candidates into your pipeline and ensure you hire a suitable one for the job.

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A Complete Guide To the Australian Minimum Wage for Employers in 2021

Over the last few years, there has been an increasing number of cases related to wage underpayments in Australia. Several businesses were highlighted with regards to wage underpayment and were asked to pay penalties. Consequently, Fair Work Australia committed to putting their efforts into removing such practices.

In this article, you will understand what is the average hourly wage in Australia.

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8 Reasons to Outsource your Payroll

Operating a modern-day business is becoming more and more complicated. The tax-man wants more visibility on who, what, where and when your business pays your employees and contractors, resulting in a myriad of complications in relation to your payroll process. However, by considering payroll outsourcing, businesses can focus on their core competencies and let the experts handle these new complexities and compliance issues.

Let's first understand the following...

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