Roster with Confidence

The topics covered in this webinar include:

  • The New Roster Publishing feature
  • Component Templates
  • Creating Split Shifts with Special Rates
  • Broadcasting shift to ClockOn GO

Roster Publishing

Enabling roster publishing allows you to build your rosters in advance and make adjustments without your employees being able to view their rosters from ClockOn GO and the Web Portal.

Component Templates

Component templates differ from ordinary templates in that they typically encompass a subset or component of a complete roster template. They may be created as subsets for each day, or based on major role groupings for the period. You can use multiple component templates to build a complete one.

Creating Split Shifts with Special Rates

Rates or Special Rates are typically used to change the payrate for part or the whole of a shift. You can use this same option to split a shift and change roles in a shift.

Broadcasting Shifts to ClockOn GO

From the roster screen you can use the Broadcast function to send a message to your staff finding out who is available or not for the shift. Broadcast sends a message that requires a Confirm or Decline response from your employees via the ClockOn GO mobile app. It works for both published and unpublished shifts.


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