Australia's most powerful rostering, attendance and payroll system

ClockOn was conceived in 1999 when the company was awarded a Federal Government Start Grant to develop an affordable Time and Attendance, Rostering, HR and Payroll system for small business. Continued research and development has seen the evolution of a sophisticated product range devoted to providing employment software of the very highest standard and reliability. A powerful user configurable “Rule Engine” enables the payroll to be customized to individual employees and their unique awards and agreements.

The product is also available as individual modules.

And to round out the options, we offer the identical system as an outsourced payroll bureau service. This can be utilised on either a temporary or permanent basis. If, for example, your payroll officer calls in sick or goes on leave, we can take over and execute your payroll at a minute’s notice.

Most recently, we have released the phone app ClockOn GO, which sets a new benchmark for rostering, using two-way push messaging to deliver instantaneous changes to employees. GPS localisation and a mapping feature enable managers to follow employees clocking on and off remotely.

One of our long-term development objectives has been to validate every employee’s identity at time capture, in other words to defeat time and identity theft. We have achieved this with a biometric method employing advanced finger scanners. This has permanently eliminated the use of paper-based time sheets. We have also included high level auditing of the entire application to provide additional management governance.

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