Fees and Refund Policy

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  • • Any Fees quoted are valid for the term identified in the Subscription Proposal or a Sales Order, as applicable. You are liable to pay all taxes, stamp duty and other government charges which may apply to this Agreement or to the supply of the Products or services under it. You must promptly pay or reimburse us for all such taxes, duties and charges.

  • • We may increase the Subscription Fees with effect from 1 June each year by 5%. If this Agreement has been in effect for less than 6 months, we may waive the initial increase.

  • • In consideration of the Subscription, except for the duration of any applicable 30 day free trial period, you agree to pay in respect of the Products: the Establishment Fee, if applicable; recurring fees as specified in the Subscription Proposal or a Sales Order, as applicable; any other applicable Fees for Products or Professional Services; and Subscription Fees paid monthly as per your Payment Authority.

  • • The Subscription Fee will automatically and immediately increase if there is an increase in your staff numbers beyond the number covered by your current Subscription. You may request a reduction in the Subscription Fee due to a decrease in your staff numbers no more than four times annually.

  • • Professional Service Credits can be applied to any service or combination of chargeable Professional Services requested. Travel costs, meal costs and accommodation costs will apply to the provision of onsite Professional Services.

  • • Unless otherwise specified, all Fees and other charges are inclusive of GST.

  • • Payment for all Fees must be made by way of direct debit from a credit card.

  • • All fees and charges are non-refundable.

  • • Without limiting our other remedies, we may suspend the provision of Technical Support or other Products or services if any Fees are overdue. We may also charge interest on overdue amounts at the overdraft rate our principal bank charges us, until full payment is made.

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