ClockOn Managed Payroll Services

Available as a monthly subscription, ClockOn offers a full range of payroll services. The customer organisation is required to submit electronic timesheet information at the end of each pay period, employing the ClockOn Web Portal, ClockOn GO or fingerprint scanners. In addition to the basic outsourced service, the user is granted direct access to selected functions of their hosted ClockOn system, including roster management and a broad range of reports.


  • A fully managed end-to-end payroll service
  • Updating and adding of new employees 
  • A comprehensive suite of reports
  • The distribution of pay slips by email
  • Access to the ClockOn Web Portal software
  • Assistance with termination of employees
  • Telephone support from our help desk 
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • Access to the ClockOn roster module 
  • Access to the ClockOn time & attendance module 
  • Access to the ClockOn reporting module 


  • Access to the ClockOn GO 
  • Superannuation contribution payments to funds 
  • Selected additional reporting 
  • Payroll Caretaker


ClockOn offers a user-friendly function to assist in the situation of temporary absence, leave or illness of a payroll officer. Put simply, at short notice we are able to take over your payroll responsibilities remotely until such time as the officer returns.


Timesheet Collection & Forwarding

At the end of pay period, the customer submits “locked” employee time sheet information to the ClockOn payroll team. Employees may have clocked on and off biometrically, (using locally installed fingerprint scanners), by using the ClockOn Web Portal, or ClockOn GO or manually forwarded employee time sheets to our payroll team by email. 

Payroll Pre-Processing

ClockOn then uses its powerful payroll system to calculate pay and entitlements for each employee. Upon completion of this process, a preview payroll summary report, draft pay slips and a report listing employees excluded from the payroll for any reason will be sent to you for approval.

CUSTOMER Approval.

Following formal approval of the payroll summary by email, draft pay slips and an exclusion report, the payroll data is finalised by us and then delivered to you. The data provided includes the provision of electronic banking files, pay slips and other reports, including a payroll journal entry for the customer’s accounting system. You then submit the banking files to your employees’ banks under your personal supervision. 

Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly and Other Pay Cycles
Online Web Portal Access (ESS) for Leave Requests, Pay slips, Rosters and Personal Details
Over 200 Standard Reports Available.
End-of-Financial Year Disbursement of PAYG Payment Summaries
Rostering with Labour Cost Control and Time & Attendance Modules Available
Dedicated Payroll Consultant