ClockOn Kiosk is an Attendance solution to help you keep track of staff attendance and hours. Your employees clock in via a PIN code with added photo capture, providing a layer of security and a record of who clocked in and out.

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The ClockOn Attendance Kiosk is compatible with our web-based software. You can add it to your existing ClockOn account and try it for free for 30 days. No commitment or credit card required. Priced at $1 per employee, per month after the trial period concludes.


Tick Easy-to-use clock in/out functionality
Tick Ability to also record break times
Tick Multiple locations
Tick PIN security
Tick IOS or Android compatible

Tick Photo capture
Tick Intuitive interface
Tick Quick and easy setup process
Tick Timesheets pass directly into your ClockOn admin software

Designed for businesses working from one or more fixed locations, the ClockOn Kiosk app will send clock ins, clock outs and break times to your ClockOn web-based software, accessible from any computer where you will be able to view all employees recorded work times, set up additional employees, edit or approve the timesheets, convert recorded worked hours into payable (interpreted) hours then process payroll and STP.



Not already using the ClockOn web-based software?

Create a free account to access the ClockOn software and then activate a free trial of the ClockOn Attendance Kiosk or the ClockOn GO Mobile App

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